Erwin Brothers, LLC operates two distinct transportation divisions, providing trucking and fuel delivery services to customers in Ohio. Our trucking division serves the bulk transport needs of businesses looking to move goods east of the Mississippi, while our bulk fuel delivery services are regional, within 300 miles of our location in Ansonia, OH. Our scope of customers is diverse, serving the transport and distribution needs of businesses big and small.

Trucking Services

Our trucking division, with terminals in Crawfordsville, IN and Ansonia, OH - supports the freight transportation needs of customers throughout the region. We move product throughout the Midwest, Southern and Eastern regions. Our fleet includes refrigerated, Dry-Van and flatbed trailers. Our variety of equipment ensures that we can move a vast array of products safely for our customers in a timely manner.

We strive to be the trusted, reliable partner you call without hesitation when you need freight services. Our track record for on-time, accident-free, transparent delivery speaks for itself, and we aim to always do right by our customers and their goods.

Our specialized division focuses solely on fuel products. We transport diesel, gasoline, E-85, ethanol and NGC-denaturant fuel products to local gas stations and terminal facilities. Our regional fuel deliveries are available up to 300 miles from our location in Ohio. Drivers in our specialized division have the training and experience to haul fuel safely and in total compliance with DOT regulations.

In times of crisis—such as a hurricane or other natural disaster—our specialized division also provides drivers and equipment to assist in rescue and recovery operations. We’re also committed to supporting area firefighters and provide equipment and opportunities for critical training they need to combat hazardous chemical fires.