Erwin Brothers Trucking was established in 1999 by brothers, Marc & Mike Erwin of Ansonia, Ohio. They expanded their growing auto service business with the purchase of one tractor and a flatbed trailer. In just a little over 20 years, Erwin Brothers Trucking has grown into a very diversified operation. The company now maintains and operates 2 divisions; Trucking, which consists of vans, flatbeds, and refrigerated trailers. Our Specialized Petroleum operation is the Haz-Mat division consisting of Petroleum tanker trailers.

Erwin Brothers Trucking division supports several customers in the movement of their products throughout the Midwest and Eastern regions. Our variety of trailers ensures that we can move a vast array of products in a safe manner for our customers.

Erwin Brothers Specialized Petroleum division focuses solely on fuel products. We transport Diesel, Gasoline, E-85, Ethanol and NGL-Denaturant fuel products to local gas stations and terminal facilities. But we don’t stop there! When called upon, our Specialized Petroleum division provides drivers and equipment to assist in rescue and recovery operations for hurricane relief. We are also very committed to supporting area fire fighters in critical training needed to combat hazardous chemical fires.