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Erwin Brothers Transportation a reliable carrier to meet all your transportation needs.

Trucking Division Specialized Division Logistics Division

Van, Flatbed, Reefer
US DOT#860351 / MC#379254
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Tanker (HazMat)
US DOT#1598803 / MC#591474
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Hopper, Flatbed, Van
US DOT#2262304 / MC#772126-P
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Erwin Brothers Transportation Brokerage services to help your business find the carriers and shippers you need.

Disclaimer: Recently, there have been many brokers identity stolen and criminals are posting loads with the intent to fraud carriers. Whenever accepting a load from any broker, please call the number on the brokers actual website, or the phone number listed on the carriers authorized FMCSA profile at   to confirm the identity of the person. Do not trust the phone number and email address on the rate confirmation. Know who you are doing business with. Also, if contact email addresses are Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or any other outside email source, this is a red flag that someone may be trying to scam your organization. If you receive a rate confirmation from Erwin Brothers Transportation which has a phone number of 937-612-2660 or any other number that is not on our website then it’s not our company. Protect yourself and take the extra time to make sure the broker you are dealing with is legit and not a criminal.